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Do NOT try this without training or experience.

Hiking off trail can get you dead, lost, broken and rescue won't know where to look for you.

Pilot Episode “Mt. Whittier”

In the episode “Mt. Whittier,” I parked next to the gate, just off the road and walked into the woods.

As you can see the map I used here is VERY old. It's from the 1960's. But it's the topographical part that is still very good.

The red dashed line is the approximate rout that I took. It's more than a mile one way but not very steep.

The Ossipee Mountains, is where Mt. Whittier is located. These mountains form a large circular pattern that used to be a super volcano.

These mountains are full of lodestone, heavy with iron and other minerals that can make a compass fail.

Wildlife: Back Bear, Coyote, Deer, Moose, Fisher, wild dogs and cats, snakes, birds of prey, there is an old story about a large animal called Black Snout, mountain lions used to be here and could come back at anytime, if not already, not to mention the Black Flies, deer flies, mosquitoes, huge spiders.

There is one tree that I put my hand on that has claw marks from something climbing it. Judging from the size of the claw marks it was very big. Only four claw marks means it is a cat. A BIG cat. Unless this tree has that marking in its bark normally. It could also be some strange pattern from a woodpecker. I don't know.