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The River Of Change by JRC

She loves him and wants the best that life could offer him,
She wonders why does it have to be at her expense,
She has always been the lady of the house,
She laid the baby down with the bottle of warm nourishment,
She tucked her younger sister in after the nightmarish days,
To adapt to change is going to be a challenge,
To have to step down from her, always, adult role to being a teenager again,
To have a chance to be herself,
Yet, that is not necessarily true,
Her way of dress is not acceptable,
Neither is her piercing and tattoo,
Dress of comfort another taboo,
Ask not how she feels,
Hurt and confused,
The river of change is more drowning than morning dew,
She wants to talk to him,
She wants to tell how she feels,
It is not that she doesn’t have love,
The change to survive is causing a digging of heels,
As she is growing up,
To be that beautiful young maiden to be,
Remember a word or two can be the difference between anger or glee…

JRC 01/16/2012


Dedicated to my girl, everything is going to be okay!



My Heart Skips A Beat by JRC


Resting my head on your chest,
You whirl us around,
I hear the beating of your heart,
As I look in your eyes,
Your heart beat increases,
Making my heart skips a beat,

Smelling your scent,
It drives my senses crazy,
As we are swaying back an forth,
I lay my head on your shoulder,
A perfect fit,
My heart skips a beat,

Whirled around one more time,
I reach for your lips,
Thought of a kiss was on my mind,
But first I had to touch such perfection,
Brushing my fingertips against the moistness,
My heart skips a beat again...

(c) JRC 02/07/2012

Musician's Wife by JRC 

Musician’s Wife

She sits in his chair that was the head of the table,
Memories flood of the good times that they had,
His aura surrounds the whole house,
Yes, even though he is not there,

She lights up a fag,
He only smoked Peter Jackson,
Sliding his hat on her head,
His odor, scent is embedded in,

Looking over to see his suit hanging on the hook,
Slowly undressing her kitchen smock,
She slides one leg in the pants,
She feels his warmth still on them,

Standing with her brassiere and his pants on,
She slides the suit jacket over her shoulders,
All that is left is his tie,
With lipstick,
Her color is mauve,
This is hot pink,
It is not her perfume,
This is Envy by Gucci,

It is said the scorn woman is one to be reckoned with,
Sadly, her heart still belongs to him,
She sits in the chair puffing his fag gone,
Which is all that is left after the house burned down…

JRC 01/11/2012

Written by Aline Natasya

Never choose whom I love
Never plan whom I want to share
Following what my heart says
Here I am standing in front of you

... Never thought to love you
nor to be with you
Listening what my heart says
With this blind eyes, I listen and I feel

Come and take my hands
Cherish me with your heart
Don't ask me for an answer
Why I love you in distance

If one day you come but I am not there
Will you please look at the sky
Te amo.. Je t'aime.. Ich liebe dich
Aku mencintaimu

I wrote my heart for you...

Written by Aline Natasya

Written by James 

Li'l Babe

Please take,

take these words I have for you.

They're all I am,

and all I can give.

Please take,

take these words I have.

They're all for you,

I love you.

Watch your feet,

as you go down the stairs.

keep your eyes open,

there is a lot to see.

Flowers and butterflies,

pink sunsets and rainbows.

You keep sunshine in your pocket,

let nothing take it away.

This is our home,

our planet our life.

Take care of it,

and it will take care of you.

People can be,

wonderful friends.

Stay true to yourself,

and your friends will follow.

Be honest,

and take responsibility.

I won't be here forever,

so live your own life.

One day I hope you look back,

and see how good it was.

Remember what your learn,

it will only help you.

Don't be afraid to fall,

you can pick yourself up.

Stand tall, be strong,

don't let people bring you down.

You're growing so fast,

I'm so proud of you.

I love you,

Li'l Babe.


Written by Aline Natasya

I am infected
Trapped within my mind
can't escape
stick like a glue
here and there
... dark and light
night and day
I am infected
Can you rescue me

written by Aline Natasya

Written by Aline Natasya
I see hopes in my mind.
I feel love in my heart.
I feel you in my soul.
Are these feeling too fast?

Who has the right to declare it is too fast or too slow.?
It's a gift from God anyway.
I will not deny it.
I will face it.
I will enjoy it.
These are my precious moment with you.

Maybe I can not tell you what I feel.
Maybe I do not have guts to let you know.
But It doesn't mean that I don't want to say it.

My mind goes out to you every single minutes now.
With hope you will feel the same way like I do.

By Aline Natasya - 04.11.2010